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IndigoQueen King replied to the topic 'Ashes and Clay' in the forum. 15:37, 28 November 2023

Thank you. Okay no worries. Looking forward to what you come up with :)


IndigoQueen King replied to the topic 'Ashes and Clay' in the forum. 02:11, 27 November 2023

Thank you Krellis makes sense. I got a few baskets of ashes LOL


IndigoQueen King created a new topic ' Ashes and Clay' in the forum. 01:33, 27 November 2023

Hi VivoSimmers,

Anyone know what to do with ashes after you burn fuel? I also would like to know how to make clay? Thank yo so very much for any help. :)


WoooHoooo And we are back!!! YAY!! ????????
Thank you Buzzy!! I hope you are feeling better!!

Hi Buzzy, Thank you for your reply and glad to see you are well. I did try that first, went to Mintor but I wasn't able rez it there either. But retrieving my items does work. So I just keep a few huds around in case it happens again. So far it's been stable. :)


IndigoQueen King hat auf das Thema „User Guide not found“ im Forum geantwortet. 18:10, 03 November 2023

It has been this way for about 2 weeks now. Not sure why? I have been having the same issue.

Mehr lesen...

Hey April,
Thanks I will try that and see if that works next time. Thank you!


I have had my hud for a bit and some of my friends were having this issue and now I am. I logged out hud was attached. Logged back in hud was not attached. When I tried to re attach it I receive this message Unable to rez: could not find asset 55d230c3-cf1e-4fb4-8c73-e906dd9c62ea for item VivoSim-HUD-V6.06.I am at Mintor to see if I could attach it here but receive the same message. I have several huds now but when I attach a new one all of my stored items are at zero. It resets entirely. Anyone know how to stop this from continuing? It's happened to me several times this week. My stats stay the same but my stored items poof are gone :( Thank you :) for any suggestions.


Hi Buzzy, I am new to vivosim and have been having troubles getting to the user guide for the past several days now. Is there another place we can read this information while the website is updated? I keep getting the 404 error basically. Hope all is well with you. : )

Yes I put out my power station but....I will message you LOL


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