VivoSim Rentals

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BETA - VivoSim Rental system

Now available from the beta section of the Mintor store.     19 April 2023

This is a rental box that can be set to charge people (with Vivo's)   it can be used to rent houses, land etc

This is the first part of the system with links to the website and rental display boards planned.

Note that this is the first beta release and is intended for people to test and give feedback. Please give feedback on the discussion here...

Setting up

Just rez the rental sign on the parcel to be rented. When someone rents, the sign will add them to the same group it is set to, so it is recomended to set the sign to the same group as the land and also make that group a 'residents' type group.  

Config notecard

The config notecard has the settings you can adjust for the rental conditions.  If you set the cost to something other than 0 then the person renting will need to have enough coins (Vivo's) to rent and then later to renew. Payments of Vivo's are deducted from them and credited to you.

If you set IS_RENEWABLE to 0 then at the end of the rental period the rental box will switch back to 'disabled' and will require you to touch it to reset it ready to make it available again.

; Number of days per rental period

; Rental cost in Vivo's for each PERIOD

; Can they renew?  1=yes, 0=no

; Maximum number of total prims on the parcel

; Number of days before this claim expires, when a message is sent to ask them to reclaim (if IS_RENEWABLE=1)

; Number of days allowed to miss claiming before it expires

; Name of the rental terms notecard
TERMS_NC=Lease info

; Default language to use LANG=en-GB

; Set to face to display lease image on FACE=1

; Add avatar UUID if you wish to only allow one avatar to activate the rental RESERVED=a123456-abcd-abcd-deff-123123123123

Note:  If a user selects to renew, they are charged for the number of days since they last renewed, even if they are only 1 minute into the 'day'.

Lease info

The lease/rental information is stored on a notecard in the rental box.  By default it is called Lease info and there is an example supplied that you will probably want to tweak for your own situation.


The system uses three texture files which you can replace with your own designs if you prefer, however you must keep the same names:

renewal      Displayed when the renewal becomes due.

available    Displayed when the plot is available for rent.

rented        Displayed when the plot is  rented.

Display board

You will also find a display board. This shows you VivoSim messages such as when someone rents from you and so on.  The VivoSim HUD will also have a built in screen as well.

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