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Can I go online from my mobile device?

Yes & No! - There currently aren't any 'full-blown' viewers available for any mobile platform, however for iOS users, there is MetChat, although it seems to have mixed reviews. If anyone has used this, please do send us some feedback as to how well it works.  

There is also work ongoing to produce mobile viewers for Second Life and OpenSim, so one day we may get one!

VivoSim App

You can install the VivoSim website as an app on your mobile device. Just open the web page https://vivosim.net in the Chrome browser on Android, and after a short while it should prompt you to install as an app. It will also offer you the option to receive notifications.




hg.vivosim.net:8002:Sandy Island

hg.vivosim.net:8002:Julian Beach

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