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Posted 22 May 2020 20:50 #229
@VER=1 # Possible Options: # DURATION, INGREDIENTS, PRODUCT, TEXTURE, PRODUCT_PARAMS, TEXTURE, REZ_POSITION, SENSOR_DISTANCE # Last line has to be [END] [Strawberry milkshake] DURATION=40 INGREDIENTS=10% Milk or 10% Soyamilk,10% Strawberries PRODUCT=SF TallGlass PRODUCT_PARAMS=<0.970, 0.561, 0.561>|1.0|cube,straw [Chocolate milkshake] DURATION=40 INGREDIENTS=10% Milk or 10% Soyamilk,10% Cocoa PRODUCT=SF TallGlass PRODUCT_PARAMS=<0.501, 0.393, 0.334>|1.0|cube,straw [Strawberry smoothie] DURATION=60 INGREDIENTS=10% Bananas,10% Strawberries,10% Orange Juice,10% Mint PRODUCT=SF TallGlass PRODUCT_PARAMS=<0.909, 0.286, 0.359>|1.0|cube|lime [Sunshine smoothie] DURATION=60 INGREDIENTS=10% Bananas,10% Limes,10% Carrot Juice,10% Orange Juice PRODUCT=SF TallGlass PRODUCT_PARAMS=<0.807, 0.622, 0.130>|1.0|cube [END]
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