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We have already looked at some of the various menus and configuration notecards.

Clicking on most things in the Quintopia system will bring up a menu of options that allow you to alter some of the ways they work. In addition to the menu, most items also have the configuration notecard. For the animals it’s called an_config but for everything else it’s called config.

The thing to remember though is that the settings in the notecard are initially set to the default, which means you only need to edit the ones that you wish to be different from the default. Although not to technical, it is worth going over again a few key points about the configuration notecards.



(a) Comments

Comments in the notecards are there to help you understand what each setting is for

Comment lines start with the character #

(b) Format

The configuration options are always written as:


It’s important to keep the left hand side exactly as initially set. For instance if it was originally HASWOOL=1 and you changed it to HasWool=1 then that setting would no longer be recognised. It won’t ‘break’ anything as the default values are always used for anything not overridden by the configuration notecard, but you may wonder why your change to the settings isn’t having any effect.

After the = you can follow the explanation in the comment to understand what options are available to you. You may also find more detailed information on the Quintonia website (plus you can always ask for help in the forums there).

For things that select or deselect you normally use =1 to show it is active/selected and =0 for inactive/not selected.

(c) Activating changes

For most items, saving the modified configuration notecard will update the settings immediately, but if you find the old ones are still being used, simply reset the scripts in the item.


10.3 MENUS

Your active group must be the same as the group the item is set to or you will not get a menu when you touch it.

Generally speaking, everything on the SatyrFarm system comes under one of the following categories:

Animals - These are the things that eat, drink, grow and die and can reproduce.

Insects - These are generally some structure to house insects that produce one specific product over time. You can only take the product when it gets to 100%. Insects may need something nearby before they will start making their product.

Plants - Plants go through repeating cycles of growth (new, growing, ripe) and produce a product you harvest at the end of each cycle. They need water or they will die.

Wells - Wells produce one specific product over time and you do not need to wait until it reaches 100% to take a portion from it (as long as there is enough). Wells may need something nearby before they will start making their product.

Machines - These are the things that take in one or more items to make new items.

Converters - These take in items and convert them to something else over time (such as part used products to make compost etc.). You can only take the product when the processing is finished.

Products - Products are all the items produced by plants, animals and machines etc.

Storage - Products are kept in storage. Storage can be for one type or many types.

Surfaces - These are things that products rest on such as soap dishes, flower vases etc.

Electrical - Electrical items consist of ‘generators’ that make electricity and ‘consumers’ that use electricity. There are also controllers.

(a) Language selection

All menus have the language selection button [@] either on the main menu or the options menu

Languages are set using language notecards. If you are interested in helping extend the range of languages please do refer to https://translate.quintopia.org


(b) Animal Menu


The animal will tell you how old it is, where it eats from and other useful information.


This will set the animals current position to its ‘home’ location. This is used by the range option (see below) to control how far the animal moves from this position.


Pets (stokes/caresses) the animal. Animals like this and if you are standing next to them they will give you some love back!

Follow Me

The animal will start following you. To stop it following you use the STOP button


This appears on the menu if the animal is currently following you. It will tell the animal to stop following you. It will also set the animals home position to where it stops.


This menu is shown on adult female animals and tells them to look for the closest adult male to mate with.

Get Manure

When the adult animal has produced 100% manure, this menu will let the animal happily give you the manure!

Wool / Milk / Eggs / Feathers

This menu appears when the animal has one or more of these to give you.


The options menu stays open after you select an option so you can adjust several items without having to keep going back to it. Click the close button to end.


Select between the two modes. In quiet mode the animal won’t ‘talk’ to you (such as saying thank you when you pet them or saying they are hungry etc.) or make any animal sounds.

+/- Sleep mode

When sleep mode is active, during night time animals will stay in their ‘down’ pose and make no sounds.

+/- AutoManure

When AutoManure is active the animal will automatically rez some manure when the level gets to 100%

Float text

Select the amount of float text to show over the animal:

Full text

This displays all information about the animal

Short text

This only displays ‘important’ information (such as when products are ready etc.)

No text

This removes the float text completely.

Note that if you select No text and also have set the animal to be Quiet, you won’t get any indication that products are ready so you will need to touch them at regular intervals to call up the menu and see if anything is available.


Set the maximum radius in meters from the home position that the animal will move.

Adjust Scale

Shown on adult animals. Allows you adjust the overall scale of the animal. Use greater than 1 to make it larger or less than 1 to shrink it. For example setting it to 0.5 will reduce the animal size by half or setting it to 2.0 will double the animals size.

Walk on...

This sets what the animal walks on:


Animal will move about at whatever height you set it to. This is useful if you have animals in a sky box or on other platform.


Animals will walk along the ground, going up and down hills, valleys etc. When set in this mode even if you place an animal on a platform, as soon as it takes its next step it will go back down to ground level.


This causes the animal to stay on water. If you place it away from water it will complain and you will need to manually move it to the waters surface.

Set Name

Animals start off being called just ‘Goat’ or ‘Cow’ etc. You can give them a new name to help work out which is which!
When animals give birth, the baby will get a name that is made from a mix of the mother and fathers names. You can change an animals name as often as you wish.

Walking Off/On

This toggles if the animal moves about or stays in one location. Note though that even if the animal is set not to move, the adult male will move to the female if selected for mating.


This will instantly kill the animal and give you any by-products such as meat, skin etc.


(c) Insect Menu

Insects don’t have any menu. Touching them will rez the product if it is at 100%


(d) Plants

+/- AutoHarvest

If AutoHarvest mode is active, when the plant gets to the ripe stage, it will automatically rez the crop and then start growing the same one again.

+/- AutoWater

If AutoWater is selected, the plant will automaticity get water from the nearest water tower, provided it has enough water.


This displays a list of all the plants you can grow. Select one to plant it.

Water plant

This will appear if the water level is below 90% and allows you to manually water the plant.


This appears during the ‘new’ stage and also if the plant is dead. It clears up things so you get an empty field. It gives you some compostable material that you can add to the compost heap (compostable material only lasts about a day).

Add manure

This appears during the ‘growing’ stage and allows you to add some manure to speed up the plants growth.


This appears during the ‘ripe’ stage and allows you to manually harvest the crop.


(e) Well menu

Generally wells don’t have a menu. Touching them will rez the product if there is enough for one portion.


(f) Machine Menu


Depending up the machine settings you will see either Make or Do – both call up the list of things that can be made. Once you select one of those you will get a menu showing all the required items (note that some may be optional so also refer to the float text on the machine for guidance).


Once you have selected an item to make, this button will show on the menu. If you select it then the machine will abort and any progress will be lost and any ingredients you have added will also be lost.


(g) Converter menu


Will scan for any item that the converter can accept and allow you to add one or more items.


(h) Products

Products don’t have a menu. Touching them will make the follow you. Touching again will make them either look for a ‘surface’ or go to the ground depending upon their configuration.


(i) Storage


Will say the name and levels of all the products the store contains.

Add Product

Will scan for any items that the store holds and allow you to add one or more of them.

Get Product

Lists all the items that are stored and have at least one portion available. Selecting any item will rez it for you.

New Stock

This button is visible to the owner (and can also be shown for group members via the setting in the config notecard). It allows you to extend the range of products held in that storage unit. It does this by checking in other storage units and the Quintonia exchange to see if they have the product and if so it will add it to the store.


(j) Surfaces

The surface only shows a menu to its owner and only if not configured as ‘embedded’

Follow me

This will make the item follow you so you can take it to a new location.


If an item is following you, this menu will allow you to stop it following and go to the ground.


Surfaces record if something is using them or not, but sometimes they may get out of sync (thinking an object is on them when it isn’t) so this menu will force it to reset to the ‘empty’ state.


(k) Misc

Water towers – these are similar to wells but also have a button to allow you to add water to the water tower.

Exchange – See chapter 5

Electrical -See chapter 6

HUD – See chapter 4

NPC Farmer – See chapter 2


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This work by Buzzy Cnayl is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at https://satyrfarm.github.io/

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