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2.4 - Getting assistance

(a) The NPC Farmer

Perhaps you would like a ‘farm hand’ to help with odd jobs around the farm?

The pillar next to the water tower is the control system for an NPC Farmer (NPC means ‘non-player character’ see http://opensimulator.org/wiki/OSSLNPC)

We can have an NPC Farmer help us with some basic chores.

How does the Farmer NPC Work?

The Farmer NPC is constantly looking for farm items within range (set via the config notecard which we will cover soon). It will try to get water and then water plants with less than 30% water. The farmer will harvest plants and put their harvest in the configured storage location.

The farmer can also be set to cook slop and then store that away also. So the NPC Farmer can completely sustain a small farm, assuming that non-grass animal feeders have AutoFood set to on.


When rezzing an NPC , it should appear right in front of the rezzer box. If they are rezzed at the edge of the sim instead, this means you have closed access to your parcel. This will cause the NPC to fail. Please allow access to the parcel - the NPC will use the group of the controller and make sure age restriction is off.

All currently available NPC Farmers


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