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2.1 Setting Up OpenSim

(a) Opensim - Versions and configuration

The VivoSim system has been built and tested to work on the official release versions of opensim onwards. It supports both XEngine and YEngine. Anything that uses physics will have a note to tell you if it is designed for one particular type or can auto-sense the physics engine.

Please note that if you use builds other than that from opensimulator.org things may or may not work as I can't test every version, unfortunately! 

(b) Setting Standard Permissions

Before using (or even rezing) any parts of this system in your region, you should ensure that you have the correct permissions for the required OSSL functions by editing the settings in the osslEnable.ini file (in bin/config-include folder) If you do not have access to this file you will need to get your region host to change them for you. Note that in newer versions of OpenSimulator you may need to copy osslEnable.ini.example to osslEnable.ini

Details on osslEnable.ini

If not done already, change the lines: 
[NOTE: in opensim ini files the  ;  symbol at the start of a line turns it into a comment. In the following, we comment out the first two lines and uncomment the next two]
  osslParcelO = ""
  osslParcelOG = ""
  ;osslParcelO = "PARCEL_OWNER,"
  ; osslParcelO = ""
  ; osslParcelOG = ""
  osslParcelO = "PARCEL_OWNER,"

Then add/edit the various function levels to:

; ThreatLevel  VeryLow
Allow_osSetDynamicTextureDataBlendFace = ${OSSL|osslParcelOG}ESTATE_MANAGER,ESTATE_OWNER

; ThreatLevel  Low
Allow_osMessageObject = ${OSSL|osslParcelOG}ESTATE_MANAGER,ESTATE_OWNER

; ThreatLevel  High
Allow_osMakeNotecard = ${OSSL|osslParcelOG}ESTATE_MANAGER,ESTATE_OWNER

; ThreatLevel  VeryHigh
Allow_osGetNotecard = ${OSSL|osslParcelOG}ESTATE_MANAGER,ESTATE_OWNER

Next, to make sure everything works as it should, change your active group to match that of the parcel that your farm is in. You should make sure all farm items are set to that group.

(c) Setting Permissions for NPC Farmer

If you plan to use any NPC Farmers then the following additional setting is required:

; ThreatLevel  Moderate

Also edit your OpenSim.ini

Enabled = true

(d) Setting Permissions for fishing system

If you plan to use the fishing system then the following additional setting is required:

; ThreatLevel  VeryHigh

(e) Setting Permissions for VivoSim Exchange

If you plan to put out any exchange boxes then the following additional settings are required:

; ThreatLevel  Moderate

(f) Setting Permissions for Rental system

The default  ossl settings will allow the estate owner and managers as well as the parcel owner to use the rental system. If you are getting errors, or you wish to also allow group members to use it, you should set/edit the following:

; ThreatLevel  Moderate

(g) Dealing with errors

If you are getting permission errors make sure the above permissions are correctly set. You can get an OSSL Tester box at the VivoSim store on Mintor - rez this and it will check things are set up okay.

Next, to make sure everything works as it should, change your active group to match that of the parcel that you will rez the platform in. Anyone that is a member of that group will be able to interact with the farm.  That group should have Object Entry and Run Scripts permissions.

If you have any problems setting the above up,
please do use the VivoSim forums to get assistance.

(h) Selecting languages

This guide and the default settings for all items is to use UK English, however, you can change the language items used from the @ button on menus. You can also edit the config notecard to set the default language.

If your preferred language is not shown please do let me know and I will look into adding it.

We are also grateful if anyone wishes to translate this guide into other languages (see https://translate.vivosim.net


Creative Commons License
This work by Buzzy Cnayl is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at https://satyrfarm.github.io/

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