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You may recall we mentioned that you should not put produce (i.e. crops, items you have made etc.) into your inventory as doing so will mean they will ‘show as expired when you take them back out of inventory.  You know already that if you touch products they will follow you and they can do this even if you fly or teleport, but only so long as you stay in the same region (if a product tries to follow you across a region crossing it will expire and die).

So you may be wondering if it’s possible to take food with you when you go travelling, or to trade your farm produce with others. In fact there are several possibilities opens to you.

(a) Network store

There are several designs of the network store system such as the SF Cart and also the SF Backpack (the backpack is part of the HUD package but you can use it without the HUD)

Network storage items allows you to store and then retrieve any product . It stores your inventory of items both locally and also on the Quintonia server so you can take the item (e.g. SF Backpack) in and out of inventory and it will re-load your last saved stock each time.

Because you wear it, it will allow you to put it on in most places. You will need to have the right to run scripts in any place you wish to add items to it. If you wish to pull items out of the backpack you will also need build rights in that location.

(b) Provisions

Suppose you are going to visit a location that won’t allow you to rez things but you know you will need to eat and drink there. In that case (assuming you can run scripts – if you can’t then your HUD won’t work anyway!) you can use the ‘provisions box’ feature of the HUD. This allows you to store any food, drink, booze etc. and they are kept as units of food or drink and so on. You can then select to use them when you need to. You will find more information about this in the chapter about the HUD.

(c) Exchange

The Quintonia Exchange allows you to buy and sell produce using the ‘currency’ of Quinto’s (ϙ) The exchange can be set to allow buying and selling anything, or if you prefer to make it more like a trading station you can set it to only allow people to buy items that have previously been sold to it. You will find more information in the Exchange chapter.


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