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All about virtual world time

Virtual time can get a bit confusing, so hopefully this will make things a little clearer!

Main time zone - VivoSim is run from the UK and so times shown all follow UK time which, is GMT for half the year and BST (GMT +1) for the rest - you can get the actual dates here.

Viewer time - for historical reasons, most viewers (Firestorm etc) show what has become known as "Second life time"  which is the time zone PST/PDT

Days & Nights - the length of a virtual day can be controlled and pretty much set as anything the administrator wants!  For example, the VivoSim region Sandy Island is always at 3pm! For the rest of the VivoSim regions, we have a day set to be 24 Earth hours long and offset to follow UK time.

Other OpenSim regions may use the default of a day being 4 Earth hours long, i.e. if you start at 0:00 for midnight then 2:00 is high noon. Sunrise is at approximately 0:30 and sunset around 3:30, which results in 3 hours of daylight and only 1 hour of nighttime.  

But just for a bit more fun, in your viewer you have an option to switch the sun position to be at midnight, midday, sunrise or sunset as well as the region time!

Please do therefore always check the timezone whenever looking to attend an event, workshops etc to be sure of how that time relates to your 'real time'

VivoSim time now is: 




hg.vivosim.net:8002:Sandy Island

hg.vivosim.net:8002:Julian Beach

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