Mattt McGregor replied to the topic 'Sensor Distance' in the forum. 17:41, 14 December 2023

Hey Buzzy :-)

Can you explain how the pitchfork is meant to be used?

Best I can make out is that the manure still needs to be collected as normal, then added to the pitchfork via the dialog, then the pitchfork can unload it all top storage in bulk.

Is that right? If so, doesn't seem like much (or any, really) of an improvement on the usual process...

Cristin and Mattt..


Heh. Only ll could cast a bool as a subtype of int and (somehow...) get away with it...

Buzzy, why do you not throw that stuff at the default debug channel? llOwnerSay is super damn noisy...


Mattt McGregor commented on KrisTina Resident's photo 05:49, 16 October 2023

Wowsers - nice!!!

This is a 98 barrel storage to put an end to the mess. One central place for almost everything storage.Crafting area will have it's own, along with mining.

Hey Buzzy,

Well I'll be buggered - that was it!!

You're a champ Buzzy - thanks muchly :-)

Will be back with the next highest prio problem in due course... :p

Cristin and Mattt.


Hey KrisTina,

As I mentioned to you a few days ago, for us it's crocs, some highland cows, donkeys, white rhinos, water buffalo, and foxes. I may have forgotten some and there are likely others which we don't "keep". On the other hand, we have many other animals which seem unafflicted...

In case it matters, we're running ubODE / Yengine regions on recent core / dotnet OS. We currently have these animals on two different regions (we run one region per sim) and the problem exists on both.

Would be nice to get a resolution for this :-)

Cristin and Mattt.



  We've got quite a few animals (seems to be limited to several particular breeds) which disappear as soon as they become adults.

  The transparent base and hover text remains, so the animal can still be interacted with. But... y'know...invisible :-)

  Ideas / thoughts?

 Cristin and Mattt.


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