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1. Can I use the system with my own products?
Yes! the entire system is designed to be customised/expanded!  As long as you follow a few guidelines it's easy to customise stuff.  There is some information starting at

2. When i have a special produkt in my land, can you bring it in the "VivoSim Exchange" so other can Sell and nuy them ?
At the moment there is no way for users to add items to the exchange. But if you have things you would like to contribute then I'm always keen to add them. Best way is to drop off a copy in the workshop barn on Mintor.

3. The HUD - for my Grid. We have other products - for my own values for nutrition and health i use...


Buzzy Cnayl replied to the topic 'My Farm is frozen' in the forum. 08:40, 13 May 2024

Sorry to hear you are having problems. Var regions should be fine (although I have heard some really large ones can have a few issues, but we are talking 4x4 and larger)   What version of OpenSim are you using? (You can find that information from the Firestorm under Worlds menu item, then Region details then Region tab)
Also, do you have access to the OpenSim server console? If so, does it show any errors/warning messages etc?


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Hopefully now sorted. You can pick up the beta version to test from the Mintor store (in the beta section at the back)


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Buzzy Cnayl - updated group, Beta test

I just visited and it was okay for me. It might have been doing a restart or something?

Please do let me know if it's not back for you now.


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My apologies, I put my debugging version out by mistake. I've now put the proper one in the box!


My apologies, I put my debugging version out by mistake. I've now put the proper one in the box!


Buzzy Cnayl created a new topic ' HUD Version 6.07' in the forum. 12:38, 31 March 2024

There is a new HUD available at the Mintor store with the following main changes:

 Added decimal point to HUD (now matches your actual score as also seen on website)

 Removed check for osMakeNotecard - This was being checked for but is not needed for the HUD


I've switched Sandy Island sandbox to run OpenSim NG as that has implemented the recent SL scripting functions for LinksetData. I'm going to experiment with this as it may be a good alternative to using notecards, as I know that causes issues on some grids. If you want to... Show more

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Things do slow down but not until you reach XP of 50
I would go into Options on the HUD and check what "Metabolic rate" is set to in case that got changed somehow.

Metabolic rate
Sets the rate at which your avatar needs to do things like eat and drink. You can select between High (fastest), medium and low.
When you start out you will get 1 XP from being active approximately:
High ~ 4.5 hours
Medium ~ 7.5 hours
Low ~ 12 hours


Thanks for the info. I recall we did have a similar issue once with food and drink but I will look into why it's doing this.


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