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What can i do?
my SF Wind Turbine say the error:
"First parameter must be a valid agent key"

Admin Cartabria replied to the topic 'My Farm is frozen' in the forum. 04:37, 18 May 2024

Everything is fine, I'm looking forward to using it soon.
I need many weeks to prepare my country, but then we will play with Vivo in Cartabria


Admin Cartabria hat auf das Thema „My Farm is frozen“ im Forum geantwortet. 20:27, 16 May 2024

I don't know why everything was frozen, but I redid all the regions and it works now - sorry about that
But i have some questions:

1. Can I use the system with my own products?
I will mixed with your items

2. When i have a special produkt in my land, can you bring it in the "VivoSim Exchange" so other can Sell and nuy them ?
It would be 2-3 products maybe wine , jewels or so

3. The HUD - for my Grid
We have other products - for my own values for nutrition and health i use "DATA_USERVALS" - it will be ever the same when come a update ?

If I have any more questions, I'll come back

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Admin Cartabria hat ein neues Thema „ My Farm is frozen“ im Forum erstellt. 05:31, 12 May 2024

hello from germany - my Farmsystem is frozen and I do not know why.
I hava in my own grid cartabria - a region 1024*1024 with many farmitems under construction.
Some  products will not be rezzedm when i harvest - i can´t see them. most from fields.
And now all farms items are frozen - also the animals are frozen.

I make e resart from this region - mot better
I clean the assetcache - short better

Is a Var Region a problem for vivosim?

best regards
Admin Cartabria

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