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4.0 - Provisions box & Backpack

(b) Provisions

The provisions menu item gives you a useful way to convert harvested items into food, drink and other units that you can then access when away from your home. You can also store wood and kWh. Apart from the wood and kWh, items added are changed into ‘units’ and can’t be retrieved as the original item. As an example, if you store SF Apples you will see the Food and Drink levels increase. You can then use the stored provisions to eat, drink etc  (each use reduces the level by 20).

Note that you can ‘consume’ items from your provisions store without having to rez them first, so that makes it handy for when you are in a location where you don’t have rez rights. Also, using items from your provisions means that, unlike when you eat actual food and drink, you do not end up with part eaten items.

Note also that if you rez your provisions box, anyone in the same group could take the box into their HUD unless you have rezed it in the locked state. So an unlocked box could be used as a way to share provisions with others.


(c) Backpack

The SF Backpack allows you to store and retrieve virtually any product/produce. It is useful for transporting products between regions and even grids.

The inventory list is saved on the Quintopia servers so you can take the backpack in and out of inventory and even replace it and you should always be able to access stored items. The backpack also keeps a copy of your inventory in a notecard in case you do not have a connection to the server. Items put in can be taken out, so if you store SF Apples in the back pack you will see the count for SF Apples increase by one. It will decrease by one when you choose to rez the SF Apples back from the backpack. Note that you need rez rights to take items out of the backpack.

You can access the menu for the backpack either from the HUD or by touching the backpack. You do not need to be wearing the HUD to use the backpack.


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Based on a work at https://satyrfarm.github.io/

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