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(a) Buy and sell with Vivo coins!

The VivoSim Exchange system allows you to buy and sell produce using Vivo coins. When you first link your avatar to your vivosim.net account, you will be credited with 500 coins which you can use to purchase items. You can also sell items for Vivo’s. The exchange can be configured in various ways to fit in with how you wish to trade.


(a) First steps

To use the exchange you will need to have linked your in-world avatar to your vivosim.net account (see the HUD section for information on how to link).

(b) Initialising the exchange

When you rez the VivoSim Exchange (box 12) you will see there are two items - these are the same, just different designs. By default the 'board' Exchange is set to work in Grocery mode and the smaller 'dispensing machine' vendor is set for Hardware mode. You can use one or both of these depending upon your requirements. After a few seconds the exchange should initialise and on the large version you will see the leader board display. If the exchange cannot initialise it will show a red border around the front screen(s) and will try to connect at regular intervals (you can also try using the RESET button). Once active, just click on the exchange to pull up the menu.

Note: the default VivoSim image that is shown on the Exchange should change to thhat of the image you have set on your VivoSim website profile cover .

(c) Options

You can configure the exchange via the Options menu or the config notecard. Note that the options menu is only shown to the owner. 

Right click and select Edit, then select the Content tab. Drag your texture from your inventory into the Contents section. You should see the display update. Click the X to close the edit box.

Options menu

The options menu is available for the owner of the exchange and has the following options.

Dark mode

Toggles between light and dark modes for the display screens

Access level

 You can control who can use the exchange. The options are:

Everyone: Anyone can use the exchange no matter what group they have set.

Group: Only people who’s active group matches the group of the exchange can use it.

Local: Only avatars on the same grid can use the exchange. They do not have to be a member of the group the exchange is set to.

Operation mode

Trade: The exchange acts as a ‘trading post’ and will keep a tally of what is sold to it, only allowing people to buy those items and quantities and reducing the inventory accordingly.

Normal: The exchange will always allow people to purchase any item from it irrespective of what has been sold to it.

Farm name

This is the text that appears at the top of the display screen.


This is the text that appears at the bottom of the display screen.

Exchange type

To make it easier to find things, the exchange is set to one of four types which filter what it will buy and sell:

Grocery: All food, drink, harvested items etc.

Hardware: This covers non-food produce such as jewellery, crockery, mining products etc.

Bazaar: Similar to grocery but without prepared food items.

Concessions: This covers all items that are likely to be sold by café's, street food traders etc.

Gorean: Not working yet - will support Gorean products



(a) Menu items

Show prices

This will pull up a list of the current prices for all items the exchange can buy and sell in its current mode. Note that the prices are pulled each time from the VivoSim server and so both the items on the list and the prices may change with time.

Sell goods

The exchange will scan for items that it can accept and offer you a menu where you can select items you wish to sell.

Buy goods

This will give you a multi-page menu showing all the items available for purchase. As soon as you click on any of the items, assuming you have sufficient funds for purchase, the item will be rezzed and your Vivo balance will be adjusted.


This tells you your current XP level and also lists recent activity (large screen version of exchange only).


This check the VivoSim server and then tells you your current Vivo's balance.


Sets the language the exchange will operate in.


This button is only visible to the owner. If you are having problems with your exchange not communicating with the VivoSim servers, doing a reset may fix the issues


This menu is only shown to the exchange owner. The various options have been discussed previously.


(b) Trading scenarios

The exchange allows you to buy and sell with the Vivo coin. Vivo's can be used with the exchange system and other items are being added all the time.

Here are some suggested scenarios for using the exchange system.

Market place

You could have several of the exchange units set as shops and allow residents of the region to buy things they needed and sell things they had an excess of.

Trading point

By setting the exchange into Buy/Sell mode you can make a trading point to allow people to specialise in making/growing certain items that they can then trade with others who have a different specialisation.

Street food

By setting the exchange type as concessions you could put one or more street vendors around your village square.


If the thought of having lots of coins appeals to you, then you could set a target and see how well you do in growing your fortune!


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This work by Buzzy Cnayl is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at https://satyrfarm.github.io/

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