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Posted 22 May 2020 21:21 #233
@VER=2 # Possible Options: # DURATION, INGREDIENTS, PRODUCT, TEXTURE, PRODUCT_PARAMS, TEXTURE, REZ_POSITION, SENSOR_DISTANCE # Last line has to be [END] [Cheese sandwich] DURATION=60 INGREDIENTS=Bread,Lettuce,Tomatoes,Cheese or Kefalotyri,50% Butter PRODUCT=SF Cheese sandwich [Chicken sandwich] DURATION=60 INGREDIENTS=Bread,Lettuce,Tomatoes,Chicken,50% Butter PRODUCT=SF Chicken sandwich [Egg sandwich] DURATION=60 INGREDIENTS=Bread,Lettuce,Eggs,50% Butter PRODUCT=SF Egg sandwich [BLT sandwich] DURATION=60 INGREDIENTS=Bread,Lettuce,Tomatoes,50% Pork or 50% Meat,50% Butter PRODUCT=SF BLT sandwich [Roast veg sandwich] DURATION=60 INGREDIENTS=Bread,Roasted veg,50% Basil, 25% Olive Oil PRODUCT=SF Roasted veg sandwich [Hamburger] DURATION=60 INGREDIENTS=Bread,Tomatoes,50% Cheese,50% Beef or 50% Meat PRODUCT=SF Hamburger [Salad] DURATION=120 INGREDIENTS=Lettuce,Tomatoes,Peppers or Carrots,Onions or Corn,50% Olive Oil or 50% Sunflower Oil PRODUCT=SF Salad [Greek salad] DURATION=120 INGREDIENTS=Tomatoes,Peppers,Onions,Olives,Feta,Olive Oil PRODUCT=SF Greek salad [END]
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