Question NPC " config-EXTENDED"?

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NPC " config-EXTENDED"? was created by Jennie

Posted 01 Feb 2024 00:48 #2707
In the guide Chapter 3.1, there is a reference to "config-EXTENDED" that is supposed to have an example of how to get the farmer doing more work. I don't see the NC in the NPC controller coming with the starter pack nor with the NPC controller that is afford as a standalone purchase. Am I missing something?
Also for the NPC to make slop, how does it get the water and let say the potatoes? Does it needs to harvest them first or do we need to have a storage nearby with water and potatoes?
by Jennie

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  • Buzzy Cnayl
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Replied by Buzzy Cnayl on topic NPC " config-EXTENDED"?

Posted 01 Feb 2024 14:42 #2708
Sorry for any confusion - I actually ended up putting all the options in the default notecard. I also see that the information on using the NPC in the guide only has part A and looks like I never finished putting in the rest.

The NPC Farmer, if set to cook, once it has harvested one of the ingredients to make slop, it will then look for the 'kitchen' item and make slop, then look to put it into storage.
by Buzzy Cnayl
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