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Posted 03 Feb 2020 10:06 #45
It's possible, with a bit of surgery, to have variations of animal skin colour/texture each time an animal is born. Animals have three possible genes of value 1,2 or 3. When they mate the genes are used to show a particular texture for the prims that are skin i.e. the new animal gets a texture based on the addition of the parent genes.

The following is an example for a Dolphin:

Take out of the Animal Rezzer box/HUD the SF Dolphin object. This should not contain the animal script and should contain the setpin script.

[/b]Modify the an_config notecard in the Dolphin to add:
(for other animals, use the prim numbers for the parts that have skin - separate with commas if more than one prim e.g SKINABLE_PRIMS=3,4,7)

Put different variations of the animal skin texture inside the Dolphin, they should be called goat1 goat2 goat3 goat12 goat13 goat23 (it's always goat, no matter what the animal! If you don't supply all textures then if the gene combination selects a texture that isn't present, the animal will just have the default texture.) Change the texture of the dolphin to one of your new designs.

Now take into inventory the updated Dolphin object you just created. You can then replace the old SF Dolphin in the animal rezzer box/HUD with this updated version.

Now you should have a new SF Dolphin that will give birth to randomly selected designs.
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Posted 31 Mar 2020 18:01 #103
As of version 4.0 animals there is an additional way to have different skins on new born animals. The current way only works if every skin-able prim on the animal has the same texture, this additional way allows for animals with different textures on the skin-able prims.

The principle is much the same as before, but with some additional steps:

Store textures as before but with the added -Bodypart, so as an example, for the horse we have
goat1-Tail goat1-BLeg goat1-FLeg goat1-Torso goat1-Mane goat1-Neck goat1-Face goat1-Ear goat2-Tail goat2-BLeg goat2-FLeg goat2-Torso goat2-Mane goat2-Neck goat2-Face goat2-Ear ...etc

In the an_config notecard as well as setting HASGENES=1 as before, we also need to add a new entry of MULTI_SKIN=1
Next add in the information about which link number relates to which body part, so for our horse it would be

That is, link 13 will get the texture goat1-BLeg (or goat2-BLeg etc), link 14 will also get the same texture, link 3 and 4 will get the texture goat1-FLeg and so on.

The rest is as explained in part 1. One extra point to note is that although you can specify different textures for different prims, it will be applies to all surfaces on that prim.
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