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Welcome to 2023! was created by Buzzy Cnayl

Posted 01 Jan 2023 12:13 #2288
I thought I would take this opportunity to thank everyone for the support and encouragement I have received over the last year. As we move into a new Gregorian calendar year I thought I would let you know that I'm working on updating the Quintonia website, since the underlying framework it currently uses is now a bit dated. Reworking things to use newer technologies also gives me the impetus to look at tidying up my code which is never a bad move! At the moment, things are going on behind the scenes mostly, but if you do notice something not working as it should please do let me know! Once I have finished testing things I plan to roll out a revisions to the points/XP system, with an intent to make this more reflect users experience with tasks and challenges. This is an advanced warning as, most likely, when switching to the new system I will reset everyone's XP so we all start from the same place. I understand that having your points reset can feel like a 'traumatic' experience so I will give another 'warning' closer to the time. In the long run I hope everyone appreciates that the system is just a 'fun' thing and there are no prizes other than self satisfaction

Happy 2023, Buzzy
by Buzzy Cnayl

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