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Welcome to VivoSim! was created by Buzzy Cnayl

Posted 20 Mar 2023 16:43 #2342
Welcome to VivoSim, the new home for Quintonia!   Much of the old Quintonia site has been moved here, although I have removed the posts showing when people achieved ranks, as those have now been replaced by the new VivoSim rankings.

If you find any pages, links etc not working, or things saying 'Quintonia' instead of 'VivoSim' please do let me know!

I will be adding information about the updated HUD and Exchange very soon, so keep an eye out for that.    Also, do load up this website on your mobile devices as you can install it then as an app (I know it works on Android, but please let me know if it also does on iPhones) which will bring many exciting features to your experience.
by Buzzy Cnayl

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