Appendix E - Expansion Packs

Starter Kit – Basics

This platform contains everything you need to get started using VivoSim. If you are new to the system it is recommended to first get this box and rez the platform, then follow the tutorial at /information/user-guide

Once you have grasped the basics, you can then choose to expand if you wish using the various options in the other expansion packs.


SF Wind Pump
SF Water Tower
SatyrFarm Well
SF Feeder
SF Pig Feeder
SF Small Field
SF Square Field
SF Basic Storage
SatyrFarm Kitchen
SF NPC ControllerNPC Farmers

Pack 1 – Plants & Trees

In addition to the two fields found in the starter kit, this box contains additional plants and trees as well as two irrigation systems.


SF Big Tree
SF Maple Tree
SF Maple
SF Fig Tree
SF Olive Tree
SF Elder Tree
SF Oak tree
SF Horse Chestnut Tree
SF Walnut Tree
SF Coconut Palm
SF Flower Planter
SF Planter
SF Vine
SF Bramble
SF Marsh Field
SF Fungus
SF Wild Flowers
SF Physic Garden
SF English Herb Garden
SF Mediterranean Herb Garden
SF Fibre Crops
SF Water sprinkler
SF Water Tower (clouds and rain effect)

Pack 2 – Storage

Once you start expanding with new crops, animals, crafting etc, you will find the required additional storage systems here.


SF Storage Rack
SF Kitchen Storage
SF Fridge
SF Freezer
SF Spice Storage
SF Cake Storage
SF Bread Storage
SF Maple Syrup Store
SF Milk Storage
SF Meat Store
SF Dried Goods Store
SF Fresh Herb Storage
SF Herb Bench
SF Barrels Storage
SF Herbalist
SF Coldframe
SF Pet Supplies
SF Wood Storage
SF Wood Basket
SF Utility Storage
SF Craft Store
SF Crafting Storage
SF Clay Storage
SF Bulk Storage (juice)
SF Bulk Storage (slop & fish)
Bulk Milk Storage
SF Fuel Storage
SF Manure Storage
SF HaystackSF Vase
SF Store Barrel (yarn)
SF Store Barrel (wool)
SF Candle Storage
SF Keg Store
SF Barrel Store
SF Vase
SF Sea Water pump
SF Yeast Container
SF Rennet Container

Pack 3 – Animal extras

Once you start adding animals other than those used in the tutorial, you will need to have feeders specific to the animals needs. These are found in this pack. There is also a fishing system, bee hive and chicken coop. You can find out what feeder each animal feeds from using the ‘Information’ item on the animals menu or from the information at


SF Feeder
SF Hog Feeder
SF Rabbit Feeder
SF Chicken Feeder
SF Tiger Feeder
SF Fish Feeder
SF Dog Feeder
SF Cat Feeder
SF Rock Feeder
SF Chicken Coop (standard and low prim version)
SF Beehive
SF Fishing
SF Fish Barrel

Pack 4 – Crafting

The items in this pack allow you to use the various products produced by plants, animals etc to make new items.


SF Crafting Workbench (2 styles)
SF Carpenter Workbench
SF Leatherwork
SatyrFarm Drier
SatyrFarm Loom
SF Spinning Wheel
SF Potters Wheel
SF Sewing Machine
SatyrFarm Extractor
SF Press
SF Shop (2 styles)
SF Smithy
SF Kiln
SatyrFarm Vat

Pack 5 – Eco converting

Converters take one ‘waste’ item and turn it into something useful!


SatyrFarm Compost
SF Quethane Generator
SF Privy (2 styles)
SF Urinal
SF Potty (3 styles)
SF Toilet Roll Holder (2 styles)
SF Bookcase (2 styles)

Pack 6 – Food & Drink

If you have decided to use the HUD then food and drink are needed to keep you well!


SatyrFarm Wood Oven
SF Kitchen Oven
Extractor hood
SF Frying Pan
SF Hob
SF Sink
SF Salad Bar
SF Toaster
SatyrFarm Grinder
SF Hot Drinks Maker
SF Drinks maker (Soft drinks)
SF Drinks maker (Bar)
SF Blender
SF Ice Creams
SF Drying Rack
SatyrFarm Juicer (2 styles)
SF Cheese Maker (2 styles)
SF Butter Churn
SF Microbrewery
SatyrFarm Distillery
SF Wine Maker
SF Table
SF Seat (x4)

Pack 7 – Household

Although SatyrFarm started out as a farm, VivoSim extends into your house, turning it into a home.


SF Chair
SF Wardrobe
SF Wood Stove
SF Firepit
SF Shower (PMAC)
SF Dresser
SF Jewellery Box (2 styles)
SF Sink
SF Soap Dish
SF Bathroom Storage
SF Towel Rail
SF Bathtub
SF Bed (2 styles plus ‘bed prim’)
MLP Addon kit
PMAC Addon kit
Sit/Poseball Addon kit

Pack 8 – Region Power

You can use the items in this pack to set up a region wide power system.


SF Eco Generator – Water
SF Solar Panel
SF Wind Turbine (2 styles)
SF Water Tower (shiny style)
SF Electric Pump
SF Power controller
SF Generator
SF Charger
SF Electric Streetlight
SF Battery Storage
SF Treadmill
SF Electrical Addons

Pack 9 – Mining

You can mine and also grow various rocks and minerals with the items in this pack.


SF Mine
SF Pump Jack
SF Mineral Store
SF Gems (2 styles)
SF Gem Storage
SF NPC Controller (configured for SF Gems)

Pack 10 – Forestry

This pack adds new trees that are used to create woods/forests for growing and working withwood in its many forms.


SF Pine Forest
SF Maple Tree (doesn’t produce maple sap)
SF Small Maple Tree (doesn’t produce maple sap)
SF Birch Clump
SF Birch Tree
SF Larch Tree
SF Autumn Tree
SF Elm Tree
SF Shade Tree
SF Forest Store
SF Wood Seasoning

Contents - Extras

SF Saw Mill (updated version of that found in pack 11) 
SF Leaf Composter
SF Campfire
SF Firepit (updated version of that found in pack 7)
SF Wood Stove (updated version of that found in pack 7)
SF Firewood Store

Pack 11 – Large items

As the name suggests, various large items can be found here. Make sure to rez the platform somewhere with lots of room.


Red Barn
SF Silo Storage (3 styles)
SF Windmill
SF Saw Mill
SF Oast House
SF Shop (2 styles)

Box 12 – VivoSim Exchange

The VivoSim Exchange lets you buy and sell items. 

VivoSim HUD Box

Contains the VivoSim HUD along with other wearable items.


SF Pitchfork

Animal Rezzer Box

NOTE - The contents of this box are also found in the starter kit. You only need a copy of this if you already have the rezzer and a new version is released and you don't want another starter kit!

Contains the animal rezzer/updater and petifier.


Animal Rezzer
Petifier HUD


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